Named Patient Supply

A core part of our business is the import and supply of unlicensed medicines. It may take months or even years before treatments are approved for commercial supply in certain countries. During this time, ORSPEC responds to HCP’s requests to access such medicines, and supply them via Named Patient regulatory routes allowing pharmacies and clinicians to supply their patients with the medicines they urgently need.

Shortages of established products

Medicine shortages are a growing and complex global challenge. Shortages of essential drugs are becoming increasingly frequent globally, burdening health systems with additional costs and posing risks to the health of patients who fail to receive the medicines they need. A hospital, facing medicine shortages without having a locally-available licensed- replacement therapy, can only find a solution by utilizing unlicensed medicine routes to source and import an alternative treatment. ORSPEC serves HCP’s in our territory with the safe supply of alternative’s to those products affected by a shortage.

Product Discontinuation

Market exit of a drug is a valid strategic direction for Pharmaceutical companies. Therapy discontinuation could potentially result in an unmet medical need for those patients unable to find suitable replacement therapies. ORSPEC’s service offering is allowing patients to have access to the required medicine beyond product discontinuation at an unlicensed status.

Managed or Early Access Programs

ORSPEC Pharma supports Pharmaceutical companies in their mission to extend greater access for their medicines by ethically supplying product to patients in markets where it has not been commercially launched yet, through the global implementation of solid and sustainable Managed or Early Access Programs. Being a preferred provider of Unlicensed Medicines to thousands of HCPs seeking ethical access to unavailable therapies, the ORSPEC network and geographical footprint supports wider access options for the Pharmaceutical companies.